Liver Transplant Notebook – An Educational Guide for Patients

After a liver transplant, recipients have a tremendous amount to understand and learn in order to successfully navigate through their recovery. Transplant patients and their families need support through education and information. This guide provides your Transplant Team with everything they will need to help them transition to life with their new liver.

These represent random sample pages.

Contents include:

  • My Transplant
    • General Information
    • The Cost of Transplantation
  • General Info and FAQs
    • Benefits and Risks of Liver Transplantation
    • What is the Surgical Procedure?
    • What Will Happen After Surgery?
    • And more…
  • Rejection and Infection
    • Transplant Rejection and Infection
    • What is Rejection?
    • What Are the Types of Rejection?
    • How Will I Know I am Rejecting My Liver?
    • Fever and Infection
    • Rejection and Infection-What to Watch For
  • Medication
    • Medication – Protecting Your Transplant
    • Medication Guidelines
    • Anti-Rejection Medications
    • Other Common Post-Transplant Medications
    • Tips About Your Medications
    • And more…
  • Hospital Discharge Info
    • Discharge Instructions and Restrictions
    • Sign and Symptoms of Rejection/Infection
    • Activity Guidelines
    • General Health
    • The “NO” List
    • How to Take Your Own Blood Pressure
    • Clinic Day Tests -What Do They Mean?
    • More Information About Returning Home
    • What about Sex after Transplant?
    • Understanding the Emotional Aspects of Transplantation
  • Daily Log
  • Transplant Health
    • Post-Transplant Diabetes
    • And more…
  • Diet and Nutrition
    • Healthy Eating after a Liver Transplantation
    • Short Term Nutrition Management
    • Food Safety After Liver Transplantation
  • References and Resources
  • Helpful Templates
  • Details: 8.875 x 11.375, 128 pages
    (page count may change depending on your content), full color, spiral bound, back pocket, business card sleeve, custom cover with your hospital logo, custom content and your logo on each page (Available in English and Spanish)
  • Minimum order: 100 books
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