Kidney Transplant – Becoming a Donor

Becoming a living kidney donor can be a heroic act, but it has its downsides: increased risks of health complications and occasionally, diseases that may create the need for the donor to have a kidney transplant later in life. It is extremely important potential kidney donors completely understand the commitment of being an organ donor. This booklet helps your Transplant Team and donors completely understand the process.

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Contents include:

  • Risks and Benefits
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    • What do I need to consider?
    • Who pays for living donation?
    • What is the evaluation process?
    • Will my own health or life insurance be affected if I donate?
    • What are the risks of surgery?
    • What happens after donation? How long will I be in the hospital?
    • Can I get pregnant after donation?
    • What if something happens and I need my donated kidney later?
  • Organ Donor Financial Preparation
  • UNOS Living Donation
  • Details: 8.875 x 11.375, 28 pages
    (page count may change depending on your content), full color, spiral bound, back pocket, business card sleeve, custom cover with your hospital logo, custom content and your logo on each page (Available in English and Spanish)
  • Minimum order: 100 books
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