Empowering Transplant
Recovery with AI

Enhance Patient Learning with TransplantPatientAI. Customized Content for Impactful Engagement. Transforming the Journey of Transplant Recipients and Caregivers.

Patient education is critically important for transplant patients because of the complex nature of their treatment and recovery process. Online education empowers patients and caregivers with the necessary knowledge to manage their health post-transplant, including understanding the importance of medication adherence, recognizing signs of rejection, and implementing lifestyle changes to support the longevity of the transplant.

Our Online Transplant Learning Center with TransplantPatientAI is designed to save time and resources, fundamentally transforming how transplant patients understand their condition and embark on their transplant and recovery journey, ensuring they are well-equipped to face the challenges ahead.

Features include:


TransplantPatientAI is a cutting-edge tool built into your Online Transplant Learning Center Platform. Using artificial intelligence (AI) to provide interactive patient education, this next-generation generative (AI) tool enables patients to ask questions in real-time. Vetted answers return quickly to offer patients the answers they need instantly. By harnessing the power of our custom-built Large Language Model (LLM), practices, hospitals, and providers have full control over the content patients receive. This ensures that information aligns with their specific protocols and guidelines, resulting in an enhanced and customized patient education experience.

Video Library

Patients remember more information when presented with both visual and audio education tools. Our video library covers general information and care topics and videos from your hospital or your vendors can also be added to your library. (Videos are available in multiple languages and can be branded with provider logos.)

Printable PDF Education Tools

Easy-to-understand, printable, and downloadable educational content. Some patient demographics still want (and need) printed material. Custom content, plus a robust selection of best practices guidelines/restrictions, problems to watch for, when to call the Transplant Team, and other information is available for both patients and clinicians to print and use. 

Customized FAQs

Address common pre and post-op transplant procedure and surgery concerns, provide information on common tests, and provide general information, Save your staff valuable time and resources while helping alleviate patient and caregiver fears and apprehension. 

Change the way your  transplant patients learn, prepare, and recover with our new TransplantPatientAI.

Online Transplant Learning Center with TransplantPatientAI tool elevates the patient’s experience. TransplantPatientAI transforms patient education for patients by providing accessible, engaging, and reliable information with content approved by healthcare providers. Our education platform is designed to quickly support patients with a wealth of video and printable content that’s been vetted and customized according to the standards of the practice, doctor, or hospital.