Heart surgery is a big investment. You need to plan your recovery and follow-through with the plan—this is the best way to get the greatest benefit. RecoverRite gives you the key information you need to sail through the surgery and return to your life.

~ Dr. Marc Gillinov, Surgeon,
Cleveland Clinic

“There is specific information that heart surgery patients need to have in the first 4-6 weeks following their procedure. I have found that my patients are usually frightened and overwhelmed when they leave the hospital, making it difficult for them to understand and remember the instructions they were given at discharge. RecoverRite changes this dynamic and simplifies the terms of recovery for both patients and caregivers. These products are a must for anyone recovering from heart bypass surgery or heart valve surgery. ”
~ Dr. Michael Caskey,
Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Southwest Heart and Lung

My organization recently implemented the utilization of the RecoverRite® DVD, “Recovering From Heart Surgery” as part of our discharge teaching for open heart patients. Prior to choosing this video, the open heart nurses and the cardiovascular surgical team previewed the content and found it to be superior to any of the alternative products they had been previewing. Thank you so much for making this product available to us. I would highly recommend it to any cardiovascular team seeking patient education materials.
~ Mark Richardson,
MSN RN CCRN Clinical Educator Critical Care Swedish Covenant Hospital

DVD Reviews

The best part was when the depression hit – This DVD was so well done and so informative. So many things we learned from it that the doctors didn’t tell us about, i.e., buying shirts and bras that button/clasp in the front, a pillow over your seat belt. It was very classy, very thorough and very — not scary. The best part was when the depression hit, we were able to recognize that it was part of the healing process and nothing unusual. It really helped move us through the healing process. Thank you SO much for this great product!
~ Karen

Just what the doctor didn’t order …This served as an invaluable asset. Being given this information at the hospital under stress makes it difficult to remember. Having the DVD at home allows for methodical review and repeat as needed. This should be given for free to all heart patients when they are sent home.
~ Chuck

Helpful guide – For those who are unprepared on what to expect, this is a good tips and mapping of things you will probably encounter, and possibly encounter. Open Heart surgery is much more complicated than most people realize. This helps familiarize and prepare.
~ J. Madden

Highly recommended.– Excellent DVD. Bought it for my brother who went through a triple bypass surgery recently. He watched it and said that everything that is mentioned in this DVD is exactly what he had experienced during surgery and recovery. Highly recommended.
~ Charanjit Singh

Overcome Recovery Care Fears Well done. Viewing this before the operation should quel many fears. ~ J.McNamara