Recovering from Heart Surgery DVD

Patients retain information more effectively when they can visualize the process. The RecoverRiteĀ® DVD is an instructional video that will take you step-by-step through recovering from heart bypass surgery, heart valve surgery or any other major heart procedure.

Highlights include:

  • English and Spanish version included
  • Monitoring your progress (and how to take your own blood pressure)
  • How to correctly get out of a bed (or a chair)
  • Bathing after heart surgery
  • Incision care and how to look for signs of infection
  • How to correctly do your deep breathing exercises with the incentivespirometer you were given in the hospital.
  • Discussion on beginning activity (climbing stairs, walking and resting)
  • Emotions and depression
  • Intimacy after heart surgery
  • Guidelines about lifting, pushing, pulling and other movements that could stress your chest
  • Easy exercise tips and simple exercises to perform at home
  • Driving and returning to work
  • Diet adjustments after heart surgery
  • Understanding your medication and managing pain
  • Constipation
  • Restrictions and reminders
  • Problems to watch for and when to call the doctor


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