Custom Print-on-Demand Patient Guides

Some patients prefer written material and may not have access to the internet. Patients who do not understand information or discharge instructions are more at risk of complications and readmission. Custom Print-on-Demand Patient Guides provide:

  • Custom cover, your logo, and your content (price based on final page count)
  • Order any quantity at any time (book price + shipping)
  • No need to store large quantities
  • One-time set up fee customizes book, creates ISBN and order page
  • Change/update/add content at any time (minimal change fee applies)
  • Affordable monthly subscription fee for use of the Print-on-Demand service

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My Heart Notebook – SAMPLE

A Recovery Guide for Heart Surgery Patients

Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacment (TAVR) – SAMPLE

A Guide for Patients and Family

My Heart Failure Notebook – SAMPLE

A Guide for Patients and Family