Copyright Restrictions

RecoverRite® – About Copyright Law

Our video material:

Motion pictures and other audiovisual works (i.e. the RecoverRite® Recovering from Heart Surgery DVD) that are available for purchase are intended for personal, private, home use only. If you wish to show the work in any other place (such as a hospital or school), you must have a separate license that specifically authorizes the public performance of that work.

These rules are detailed in the federal Copyright Act, as amended, Title 17 of the United States Code.

  • According to The Copyright Act, only the copyright owner holds the exclusive right, among others, “to perform the copyrighted work publicly.” (Section 106)
  • In regards to showing the RecoverRite® DVD to patients in your hospital without a license: The rental or purchase of a motion picture or other audiovisual work does not bear the right to perform the copyrighted work publicly. (Section 202)
  • Films may be shown without a separate license in the home to “a normal circle of family and its social acquaintances” (Section 101) because such showings are not considered “public.”
  • All other public performances of motion pictures and other audiovisual works are illegal unless they have been authorized by license. Even “performances in ‘semipublic’ places such as clubs, lodges, factories, summer camps and schools are ‘public performances’ subject to copyright control.” (Senate Report No. 94-473, page 60; House Report No. 94-1476, page 64).
  • Both for-profit organizations and non-profit institutions must secure a license to show films, regardless of whether an admission fee is charged. (Senate Report No. 94-473, page 59; House Report No.94-1476, page 62)

Non-compliance with the Copyright Act is considered infringement and carries steep and significant penalties for both the exhibitor and anyone that contributes to the infringing conduct. Unlicensed public performances are federal crimes and can be subject to a $150,000 penalty per exhibition and other penalties (Sections 502-506).

Our written material:

All RecoverRite® written and published material is protected by copyright. Our books cannot be copied or reproduced. All trademarks, namely RecoverRite® and RecoverRite® logo, content and images are the property of RR Holdings, LLC. Any use of content, design, or materials in this notebook, including copying of content, reproduction of content, modification then re-use of content, distribution or any kind of republication are strictly prohibited and punishable by law.