momlisaOn September 18, 2006 my mother had a heart attack which was followed by emergency triple bypass surgery. My brother, sister and I were overwhelmed with the seemingly endless amounts of information we had to process. The doctors, surgeons, nurses and hospital educators all told us things we needed to know about her recovery. Having never experienced anything like this before, the information was foreign, the terms and names of medications were almost impossible to remember and the paperwork was outdated and incomplete. Aside from being in a constant state of fear, we were also in a constant state of confusion.

They say that “necessity is the mother of invention,” so I decided to do my own research, combine it with the information provided by the hospital and create a “recovery notebook” for my mother to have when she came home. It included everything from medication logs, incision care, daily requirements, and what to expect after surgery, to calendar pages, diet, recipes, and insurance inquiry forms to help her with follow up calls. The “notebook” became a staple for all the caregivers and helped everyone to understand the process.

In 2010, RecoverRite® was officially born. We have had tremendous success and are inspired to help as many patients as we can to have a more informed surgical experience. We are always evolving, growing and revising our products that reflect current trends in patient care. We will remain dedicated to patient education and recovery assistance. And, my Mom is doing great!

Lisa Coleman