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Patient Education. Custom Solutions.

Now more than ever, patients need access to online education. When patients understand the information provided by their healthcare team, there are significant improvements in patient satisfaction, compliance, and outcomes. For over 10 years, RecoverRite® has specialized in education specifically geared toward heart (and transplant) patients, creating comprehensive, easy-to-use platforms and custom print-on-demand patient guides.

Improve the experience for your patients with RecoverRite®

To further enhance your patient outcomes and business, RecoverRite® partners with MedAxiom to support the transformation of cardiovascular care. MedAxiom, an American College of Cardiology Company, is the cardiovascular community’s premier source for organizational performance solutions.

The Online Heart Learning Center

Nearly 1 out of 5 patients who undergo cardiac surgery require readmission, creating significant health and economic implications. RecoverRite® is proud to introduce the Online Heart Learning Center. Completely customizable, this patient-friendly, education platform provides easily accessible, downloadable, and printable text and video tools, as well as print-on-demand patient guides. Our Online Heart Learning Center is changing the way heart patients understand and recover from their surgeries or procedures, paving the way for fewer readmissions and better outcomes.

We can build platforms for all aspects of your cardiovascular service line, including:

  • CV/CT Surgery
  • Structural Heart (TAVR, MitraClip™, Watchman®, etc.)
  • Cath Lab (Heart Attack, Stent, etc.)
  • Heart Failure
  • Ventricular Assist Device (VAD)
  • Heart Transplant (available Summer 2021)
  • Plus: Lung, Liver and Kidney Transplant

Custom Print-on-Demand Patient Education Guides

Although online learning is optimal, we understand printed material can be more effective for some patient populations. Our print-on-demand services allow the flexibility to order custom patient guides as needed. Patients can also be required to purchase the guides as part of their pre- and/or post-op care.
  • Customized with your content, logos, and images.
  • Ideal for underserved populations and patients without internet services.
  • Guides ship in 48 hours.
  • No need for large amounts of inventory.

RecoverRite® changes the dynamics of recovery, improves the patient experience, and helps to reduce readmissions.