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Improved Patient Experiences = Lower Readmissions

Custom Education Products Benefit Providers and Patients

The healthcare industry now spends an unnecessary $70+ billion per year in hospital stays and doctor visits simply because patients don't understand what their doctor is explaining or how to properly take prescribed medication. Patient education typically stops when they leave the hospital, although the need for information usually does not.

Though all hospitals have existing protocols for education before discharge, the statistics prove that a stronger, more focused, and more specific recovery program needs to be in place.

For your patient, knowledge is power…For your hospital, knowledge is necessity.

RecoverRite® produces comprehensive, easy-to-understand, customized patient education notebooks and handbooks. Our products guide patients through the pre-op process, as well as the confusing and often frightening days and weeks after surgery.

Studies show that patient recall after consultation is only 43% and this drops to 38% four to six weeks later. Patients and their families need tools to help them feel less fearful and overwhelmed when they leave the hospital. By providing them with comprehensive, yet simple, discharge information patients will have a more successful and informed role in their own recovery and self-care.  Patient education typically stops when they leave the hospital, although the need for information usually does not.

RecoverRite® changes the dynamics of recovery, improves the patient experience and helps to reduce readmissions.

In the face of growing concerns about astronomical health costs, readmission rates could very well lead to multi-million dollar penalties throughout the industry as federal rules allow the Medicare penalize hospitals with substandard outcomes. The stakes are also tremendously high for patients: those who receive insufficient post-surgical information are more likely to be readmitted after discharge. Because of the new federal rules, the RecoverRite® family of products could have a direct and positive impact not only on the patient experience, but on the bottom line for hospitals and healthcare professionals.


Make sure your patients recover well with RecoverRite®