Red wine ingredient protects against heart disease and diabetes

An active ingredient in red wine could protect people at high risk from heart disease and diabetes, according to scientists. Read more:

Eating Nuts May Have Several Health Benefits

Dietary changes are a routine recommendation for people who want to lose weight and improve their general health. A recent study suggests that eating nuts may be one change people should consider…

Insomnia May Boost Heart Attack Risk

People who struggle with insomnia appear to be more prone to heart attacks than those who typically get a good night’s sleep, a large Norwegian study has found….

Chocolate Could Be Sweet Defense Against Stroke

In the latest research to tout the cardiovascular benefits of an already beloved food, Swedish scientists report that eating chocolate seems to lower a woman’s risk of stroke…

Vigorous exercise boosts vitamin D while lowering heart risk

Vigorous exercise significantly improves several risk factors for heart disease, including boosting vitamin D levels, a new study shows. That’s one of the surprising findings by Harvard scientists, who were trying to identify the reasons exercise lowers the risk of heart attacks…

Top 10 foods for your heart

You are what  you eat!

Active legs at night linked to heart problems

Involuntary let movement at night can be a warning sign.

Hormone therapy in younger women may curb heart disease risk

Healthy women who go through menopause naturally may lower their risk of heart disease if they take hormone therapy in the early years of menopause, according to a new study…..

8 Snacks That Fight Heart Disease

Healthy snacking CAN make a difference.

Vigorous exercise burns calories 14 hours after workout

After heart surgery, it is important to incorporate exercise into your daily routine.  The side effects of a vigorous workout are all good!

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